September 15, 2009

ICC Cricket ranking: India moves to number-two position

India again has moved its position to number-two position after achieving victory in the Compaq Cup final against Sri Lanka on Monday 14 September 2009. As a third county India could reached on the number-one position just for a few hours after lunching the ranking system in 2001. Previously, the first position was controlled by Australia and at this moment South Africa is on the number-one in odi cricket ranking.

Indian Coach Gary Kristen announced that India could be the number one nation after finishing the tour. Although India is in number-two after finishing the tour, it got number one ranking when India cured a 6 wickets victory over New Zealand in the group round match.

According to the ranking chart, India could add one point by wining the match when they had 125, similar to Australia. At this moment India has no match before ICC Champions Trophy 2009 that will be stared from 22 September in South Africa.

Visit: ICC official website to see the ODI raking table.