September 24, 2009

Big challenge for iphone in Korean phone market

Korea, the third largest cellphone market of Asia, 93 percent people uses cellphone at this moment, had a restriction from telecommunications regulator to use smartphone like iphone, aims to look after the local phone manufacturers and the mobile phone service providers so that they could improve their skills in the technology sector. At this moment the commission has cool down the rules and allow Apple iphone to enter into the local markets of the East Asian country.

It is not clear when Apple's touch-screen device would go on sale or for which provider, but the country's second-largest cellular operator, KT, has already been in negotiations for months regarding the iPhone. It is also unclear how well the iPhone will sell in South Korea, as the market is already full of highly advanced smartphones that outpace Apple's device in terms of features.

LG and Samsung have near about most of mobile phone share in the market and both the manufacturer has smartphone. Recently, LG has bought out is first Google Android based smartphone. Although Nokia is the largest phone share holders, did not get any more positive response from Korean users when it enter in the local market in 2003. Before entering into the Korean market, it will remember previous experience in Japan.