August 23, 2009

Manchester United vs Arsenal match on 29 August 2009

Last years’ fourth position holders Arsenal have already been played one play-off match with Celtic and also have played two premier league matches and dominating the first place without any lose. On 26 August Arsenal will take on Celtic at Arsenal Stadium, London for the second leg match of play-off round of the Champions League for the next qualifying rounds.

Arsenal earns a competitive wins at the home ground against the visitors Portsmouth for 4-1 goals. Diaby netted two important goals and Gallas and Ramsey succored one goal each. The consecutive win earlier this season making Wenger confident. So he could think positively of his boys. Here is a quote of him that he is thinking about the next matches.

"We have had a brilliant start. It should create confidence and momentum. We now go into another week which will be another test against Celtic and then Manchester United. It looks to be exciting and interesting."

Manchester United’s comfortably wins over Wigan Athletic and impressive start of 0-5 wins could emphasize the team from the previous defeats. Milestone touched player Rooney is confident on his associates about their improvement. After the match he explains about his speech and praised Dimitar Berbatov, Nani and Michael Owen.