August 5, 2009

Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso to transfer Real Madrid

After Ronaldo, the most exclaimed football club has targeted on Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso. The 27-year-old is going to sell for £30m. He could be reached at Madrid on Wednesday in the cause of medical checkup. Xabi Alonso was joined at Liverpool in 2004 in August. Real Madrid came in media highly when they brought Cristiano Ronaldo for £80m from Manchester United and Kaka for £65m from AC Milan.

BBC wrote:

Real, under the guidance of returning president Florentino Perez, have embarked on an ambitious rebuilding programme this summer and Alonso's arrival will push their spending beyond the £200m mark.

Most time (5 times) UEFA champions Liverpool is going to meet to with FC Lyn for a pre season friendly match at 18:00 today. Before visiting Thailand, Liverpool played two friendly matches but could not secure any victory. Even they had to fight tough to get win over the host. Now, they will take on most Norwegian FC champions. My question is, will Xabi Alonso take part this match on the side of Liverpool before visiting Madrid.