July 8, 2009

With whom Carlos Tevez to contact for next five years

At the end of the Premier League 2009, Argentine striker Carlos Tevez’s tie with the English Premier league 08-09 Champions Manchester United for two years come to an end. It seemed that no football club would make a contact with Tevez even the club wich whom he performed last two years and left him off. Later, when Ronaldo transferred to Barcelona MU felt that Tevez is very important to them and attempted seriously to make tie again with all facilities. Tevez still on hang for another two clubs, Chelsea opposite Manchester City that want to pay same dough. At this moment it is tough to say that on which side he will play.

Chelsea is one of the top FC not only in EPL but also over the European club. It washed out by defending champions Barcelona from the Champions league in semi-final round. Now the Chelsea boss is very anxious to make the team strong and eager to pay for Tevz for and agree to contact for five years. But what Tevez is thinking? He may determine about his career and Manchester City is spending a lot of buck to make the team stronger and will be one of top four teams even the title holder.

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