July 10, 2009

Transfer stop, John Terry to lead Chelsea

Chelsea captain John Terry has got huge medial coverage last week about his transfer to Manchester City. He and his playing football club got a lucrative offer for the City's wealthy Arab owners. Recently, City has made a five years contact with Argentine sticker Carlos Tevez and offered bid for the English man John Terry. But it is sure that his transfer bid was the amount of £30m and the weekly payment was £280,000. Chelsea tried hard to by Tevez efforts for five years but had to bow-down to Manchester City.

Guardian reported:

City are also conscious that, given Chelsea's reluctance, Terry would have to make a formal transfer request to leave the club. If he were to do so, then it is thought there is scope for an improved bid from City for the player as the manager, Mark Hughes, views Terry's ability and leadership qualities as essential to what is seen in Manchester as a pivotal season in the club's development now that the billionaire Sheikh Mansour has owned City for close to a year.

The Stamford Bridge has tacked the total situation with a positive hand and Chelsea Boss Carlo Ancelotti’s public note wiped out all the rumors. Even John Terry has reached to Stamford Bridge to take part the pre-season training that will be started from tomorrow. The 28-year-old, center back and the England national football team captain tied with the Chelsea FC from 1998 and got opportunity to play on the side of national team in 2003.