July 21, 2009

P20 Cricket league tournament by ECB

England and Wales Cricket Board decided to organize the Twenty20 League tournament among the clubs called T20. The 18 cricket clubs will be taken parts at this showdown. Among the eighty teams two teams will be organized with the players of abroad. One may come from West Indies and other will be taken parts from the Indian premier league.

BBC wrote:

"At the moment you've got the 50-over competition and possibly an extended Twenty20 and I think that would be the best thing for English cricket if they leave it like that," he told BBC Somerset.

"I've been saying for two or three years that we've had one one-day competition too much.

The ECB will start the tournaments from June each year and one match will be held each week instead of a whole month showdown. And will be finished by December very year. It is clear that the popularity of Twenty20 cricket is increasing day by day. That is why all the cricket board of all the countries is bowing down to this short formatted cricket.