July 9, 2009

Leawo Free Youtube Download V2.0 with more functions

YouTube is the most popular online video website. Beside it there are many website that shows videos too. Sometime, we feel to keep any video in our storage drive but most of the time we could not find any sources how to download this Flash Videos (FLV). I live in a South Asian country. Sometime my friends ask me good software that can help us to download Youtube videos. Most of the time I avoid it because we have very slow internet. Today I was reading about the Xml editors and found a press release about news on Leawo Free Youtube Download V2.0 has been released recently with Optimized functions. I just have quoted one paragraph from that press release

“My Favorites” function was added so that the users can save all their favorite webpages to IE during the use of Leawo Youtube Download. Leawo Youtube Download itself is a web browser too, the users can visit any webpage they like and choose to download their favorite videos. While searching for videos to download, the users now can save any webpage they have browsed to “My Favorites” with just one simple click. When go back to IE browser, it’s a surprise that all the webpages being saved in Leawo Youtube Download are at the same time saved in IE’s “My Favorites” too.

Yes, it a 10mb file that you have to download. I still could not download it. But I eagerly am waiting to use this freeware. Previously I used Real Players Gold version that has a built-in FLV downloader. I was satisfied on that its service. But I found some new features on Leawo Free Youtube Download. Visit the link below and read the text with attention later download it. http://www.leawo.com/youtube-download/