July 13, 2009

Gateway ID5821u 15.6 inch notebook for $799.99

To support the users with high performance Gateway has brought out Gateway ID5821u Notebook, a high equipped technology. Beside eye-catching design it has mostly focused on it processor, Memory, Storage Drive and Gigabit Ethernet wireless communication.

To buy this high configured Laptop computer you can go through Amazon.com and the price tag is $799.99. Gateway ID5821u is a limited edition form ID series.

Gateway ID5821u 15.6 inch notebook

Processor: Gateway ID5821u is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo Dual-Core Processor. It includes 2.1GHz clock speed with 800MHz BUS speed and 2MB L2 Cache. Its advanced performance able is able to run various applications at a time and also have an energy-saving feature.

Memory: it has 4GB Dual-Channel RAM with DDR3 technology.

Hard Drive: In the notebook Gateway ID5821u has been added 500GB SATA storage drive.

Display: The 15.6 inch ultra-bright high definition display with LED-backlit technology will provide users readability in 1366 x 768 resolutions and the aspect ratio 16:9.

Input-output support port: Four USB ports will support to easy communication with device and transfer dada easily beside it has eSATA Port that will support the users to transfer data three times faster than USB and has a VGA Port and HDMI will support to transmit digital data. Digital Media Card Reader that has certain functions.

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