July 8, 2009

EPL and SPL to show on ESPN launched UK sports channel

Setanta Sports’ financial crisis failed to pay the payment in the due times terminated all the contact with the English Premier League and at last it has to conclude tile as a broadcaster of Scottish Premier League. The SPL is going to make contact with the American broadcaster ESPN, but it has to maintain some resolution and need to the consent of the others Football Clubs who are the members of SPL to make a new deal with a new broadcaster. The American broadcaster ESPN will make tie for four-year that will start from 2010-11 seasons.

After completing the contact they will be make a knot to show two European premier league matches. The channel will show 46 showdown football games of the most popular Barclays Premier League English live. ESPN and Sky jointly show the games and Sky Sports will get the honorable responsibility for selling advertising. As a broadcast right holder ESPN will launch a UK based Sports Channel on 3 August this year.

By being setup the news Sports Channel, the UK viewers will able to watch not only the match of Barclays Premier League football games but also the US sports that has right to show through ESPN new channel. As Sky Sports is working jointly with the US broadcaster, so the Sky customers could watch the matches who were the customers of Irish broadcaster Setanta Sports.

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