July 5, 2009

Dell Vostro 1220: An affordable laptop for small business users

By using the following title ‘Big Productivity in a Small Package’, Dell has bought out the affordable Laptops computers Dell Vostro 1220 for Small Business user. The easy portable has been featured with 12.1 inch Screen Display and the weight will be 3.36 pounds that will be light enough to carry. It has been featured with a 2.2 GHz Intel Celeron processor that will be boost with 2GB DDR2 SDRAM and the users can be upgrade it. The 6-cell Lithium Ion Battery will support 9 hours business working time back-up and will keep in touch with the office connecting with wireless LAN. Another important issue is high security option.

To save business data is one of the important parts now-a-days. Dell Vostro 1220 has included six important data security options. For easy data protection there is finger-print and encryption applying TPM, FDE or Wave. The Free Fall Sensor will protect data lost that could happen for accidentally drop. If any liquid fall on the keyboard that caused the data lose but spill-resistant keyboard has been added to damage data and also have Dell’s Data backup and recovery management.

Source: Dell.Com