June 18, 2009

USA vs Brazil preview and live score: FIFA Confederation Cup 2009

There are two important matches are going to kick-off today between USA- Brazil and Spain-Egypt. This is the first time Brazil senior men group is going to take the USA after 2003. There is no way of alternative of wins for U.S., but will it be easy to achieve the target for the semis. Spain already has confirmed to play in the Semi-final of the Confederation Cup 2009 from the Group A. Group B standing table is strong for the World Champions and Kaka’s Brazil too by taken one wins each.

Brazil secured a narrow victory over Egypt, when competition was very high. The full fixed 90 minutes was equal by scoring 3 goals each but at the injury times Kaka’s penalty brought the prestigious victory for the more times World Champions and Confederation champions too.

FIFA Confederation Cup 2009

Teams: Brazil vs UAS

Kick off time: 18 June, 20.30 (local time)

Stadium: Tshwane/Pretoria

Live Action: ESPN (for Asia and all rights)

USA is in big pressure, losing the previous games along with Italy for 1:3 goals and become tough to qualify for the semi finals overtaking strong Brazil and Egypt. After the Brazil match they have to take on Egypt who scored 3 goals.

The wining statistics are explaining that it will be tough to beat the neighboring continents team for USA and could not beat Brazil any time this stage. But in 1993 CONCACAF Gold Cup America beat the South America giant. In the last Confederations Cup, in 2003, in French, US has been beaten for 1-0 goal. In the last met in 2007 was defeated to 4-2.

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