June 8, 2009

Sony Ericsson’s Green Heart mobile phone in market but Satio is on the way

The popular mobile company Sony Ericsson has declared that it will be brought out a new branded mobile phone for luxurious users, called Satio. It confirmed that it will come to market for sell at the end of this year and the price tag will be $800. No doubt that it is a big price for the users. Now, another question it about what kinds of facilities the users will get using this new Luxury mobile phone?


Informationweek reported: 

The idea of "luxury" usually involves some attribute of greater benefit or value. Paris Hilton-inspired branding aside, expensive stuff is supposed to be more durable, better performing, or otherwise a noticeable improvement over cheaper stuff. Consumers do the approximate math in their heads: if most things cost "X," yet this other thing costs "X+Y," then prove to me why. The equation isn't always rational, or particularly smart, but it's reality.


Recently, Sony Ericsson has unveiled another mobile called ‘Green’. The C901 Green Heart model mobile phone has multi function and outstanding behaviors. Among the facilities I was optimized with the feature carbon footprint calculator.