June 8, 2009

Manchester United or City: Next two year contract with Carlos Tevez

At last the drama is coming to an end of the recurrent of Argentine striker Carlos Tevez. At the end of premier league this year, all the football lovers hoped that the English most popular football club Manchester united will not extend its contact with the striker Carlos Tevez who has a two years contact that was come to an end in this June. Now, he has become important for the best English giant after get beat to the Barcelona in Uefa Champions League, which was held in Rome, Italy. Even he was kept sitting for the first half. May be it was a test form the Manchester united manager how Old Trafford can do except Tevez.


United’s rival football club Manchester City has offer same contact money for the argentine star. Now, He is taking advice from his national coach Diego Maradona for choosing the team with whom he can make contact for next premier league and others football matches. Manchester United will not only make a contact with Tevez but also can extent it for four year deal. City is also ready to pay for Tevez as a next playing football club. Manchester united is leading the top but City is rival club that is eager to improve themselves for next league matches. During the contact two years, it he scored 19 goals from 63 appearances.