June 26, 2009

Airtel to reduce 18% Gulf ISD rates for Users

There are many people works in Middle East countries for India. By this way India earns remittances that contribute in economic sectors. Although I have no exact statistics of amount but it may million of people works in Gulf areas. To continue the contact with he works and their beloved family is important among them that will inspire them in their works and to increase communication telecom division playing the important role among the peoples.

Recently, one of the largest telecom companies of India, Airtel, offers a cutting call rates to the subscribers to communicate to the Gulf countries by reducing rate of 18%. With this offer AirTel users will able to communicate with Rs 6.99/min by using their land phones or Cell phones in stead of Rs 8.50/min.


The subscriber needs to buy a “VCC” (Virtual Calling Card) to avail the services. This can be obtained from any AIRTEL retailer across the country by recharging with RS 55 / 110 / 225 / 550 / 2200 or 299. Once recharged, the customer would receive the VCC PIN on his phone via SMS. The selected countries are namely Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. The new rates are already in effect from 23 June 2009.

In India there are many telecom companies in both sectors government and private sectors. All the company has have very competitive rates even offer special call rates so that the uses could get extra benefits and continue using their connections.