May 20, 2009

Recession and environment reflection

The county of the world that effected most for the economic recession is USA. Million of people have lost their jobs. Thousands of people are living in the modern slum instead of gorgeous flats. So the world economic condition is not good at all. US New government is taking initiatives to improve this condition. I hope it will be recovered with in next fiscal year. Beside the economic slow down, US govt. thinking seriously about another thing, this is environment crisis.


USA is perhaps the number one carbon dioxide emission country. They have planned to reduce much. Their first target is on fuel runs cars. If you search in internet you will get hundreds of news about this matter and thinking highest use of fuels.


Wsj reported:

The effort to expand the program reflects fears among some lawmakers about the ability of U.S. auto makers to comply with the Obama administration's proposed new fuel-economy regulations, unveiled Tuesday. Those rules, which would raise fuel efficiency targets to 35.5 mpg for all new vehicles by 2016, up from the current 25 mpg, are expected to add tens of billions of dollars in costs to an already beleaguered industry.


Toyota will launch the hydrogen cars in market in 2015. It’s officials announced in Detroit Auto Show. BMW and Honda also have planned to lunch it.