May 27, 2009

Natural digester and Green forest of South Asia

Now, I like to write about the effect of less forest for any country of the earth. The earth is worming day by day. The geographers are thinning about it much. They are not only keeping themselves just in analysis but also aware with seminars and other activities. I live in a south Asian country where the forest is not as much neutral the environment. Here is only 16% forest. But there are some beautiful locations like Sudarban, the only Mangroves forest of the world.


But some of others countries of South Asia is very attractive with their natural resorts. As an example I can use Nepal and Maldives. Bangladesh is almost plane land except some areas that is hilly places. The area draws a net with the flowing rivers. The crops grows well for the moderate climate and fertile land that borrowed by those rive during the rainy season. The land is not so high to se level and the huge water flow during the rainy season form June to October causes flood.


Just after five days the Rainy Season will be started. Before that time, there was a cyclone over this area and causes heavy damages. Many people have been died in the natural calamity of the south west side of the countries. It is common site of this area during this   season. In 1990, more that one lakh people were died these kinds of digester.