May 16, 2009

General Motors plans to trim 1,124 dealerships

Recently, General Motors has sent a notice some of their dealers that have to improve their performances of selling or they will be fired. But they dealers have opportunity to appeal. Mark LaNeve, North American sales vice president has informed it.

Autonews reported:
"We don't anticipate that there'll be much reversing of these decisions," LaNeve said. "We put in the letter to them that if they have issues that should be brought to our attention, there is a Web site that they can submit that to. We may have made a mistake, and we may have had bad data."

The world’s one of the largest cars selling company after Toyota is losing Americana car markets day by day. After 2001 to 2008, it has lost almost 50% markets in US. Among them, in 2008 it has lost the highest 22.9% steak than previous year.