May 7, 2009

FC Barcelona is in Uefa Champion League 08-09 final 29 May 2009

The away goal promotes FC Barcelona to the Uefa Champion League final 2008-09. In the first half Chelsea netted a goal and till the last moment it was continued till the last minutes. During the waste time FC Barcelona able to score the return goal. By being drawn along with Chelsea in the home ground Barcelona will take on Manchester United in Rome on 29 May, 2009.


Essien, on the side of the English Football Club Chelsea scored first goal in their home match but at the end of the full match time and just 3rd minutes of injury time Iniesta goal make the match tie and for away goal FC Barcelona qualified for the final.


The match was full of yellow cards and just one red card. Abidal was sent off from the match for red card. Seven yellow card on both sides when Chelsea got 4 and Barcelona 3.