May 3, 2009

Chennai Super Kings won by 18 runs and boosts point table

At last, Chennai Super Kings gets to realize test of third wins and has improved the position of the point table. It already has played the 7 matches of IPL second season but just could become the proud owner of three wins. For both sides batting and bowling success brought the victory over Delhi Daredevils.


Delhi Daredevils is holing the second position fought hard to the match win but failed at last. David Warner and KD Karthik were in big form. They dominated the CSK’s bowlers with iron hands but could not stay at the end of the moment. In spite of dual centuries Delhi Daredevils has to bow head to the MS Dhoni.


Both the teams lost two wickets earlier and were a chance of hat-tick. When CSK bagged 144 runs it lost two wickets in a single over and had opportunity to face hat-tick. Similarly, DD had to face it when it was 20 runs. Later, David Warner’s 51 and KD Karthik;s 52 makes a hope to get the wins.


There is only single point difference among the seven teams except Kolkata Knight Riders. Tomorrow, Kings XI Punjab and Kolakata Knight Riders will play its second match.