May 18, 2009

Carlos Alberto Tévez, Manchester United and 2007–2009

Carlos Alberto Tévez who is well known as Tévez, was contacted with Manchester United in 2007 for two years. Football magician, Diego Maradona called him as the "Argentine prophet for the 21st century”. His contact is going to terminate with the top English football club form June 2009. 25 year aged, Tévez started his international football career earlier of the 21 century.
He started his Club football career in 2001 at Boca Juniors. Later, he tied with Corinthians and honored as the best players by the Brazilian Football Confederation and he was the first who stack this title as a no-Brazilian. On 23 August 2006 he tied with a contact with the first English football club West Ham United. From 2006 to contact with Manchester United he changed several English football clubs.
With the Olympics 2004, Carlos Alberto Tévez introduced with international football and won gold medal for 8 goals. In 2006 he played with Fifa world Cup finals.
In the season 2007-2008, Tévez netted 14 goals in League match and total 19 goals with a single goal in Cup match. But, in the season 08-09, he scored 15 goals with 5 league, 5 Cup and in League Cup 6 goals.