May 26, 2009

Barcelona v Manchester final first time in United Champions league

The two European giant is going to take on each others at the final of the UEFA Champions League first time. Manchester United is the three times winners as well as Barcelona is two times. They did not meet this event previously. So this time the final match will be totally different.

Manchester United who reached in final three times and achiever the title all time. This is the fourth time they have appeared for the prestigious award. By defeating Chelsea, (in the semi final along with Barcelona) they achieved the European prestigious award. And they are eager to take the win at Roam in the UCL 08-09 final.

Barcelona is also excited to take the wins as third time. Last time they become the winner in 2006 they beat Arsenal who is one of the strongest Football Club of English era. Chelsea was the way of their promotion to send them of in the UEFA final 08-09.