May 3, 2009

250,000 OLPC laptops in Indian Market! what is the price tag?

This is a big question that how many OLPC laptops is being brought to Indian market this time. May be this the first time Indian government has ordered for 250,000 OLPC laptops at a time.


Rediff reported:


Meanwhile, Satish Jha, OLPC India president and CEO, was quoted in the media as saying that the OLPC XO laptops "have been ordered for 1,500 schools (throughout the country) and the deliveries will begin in June."



Recently, India declared that they are bringing Laptops jus for $10. May be, the does not accepted by the Indian government this time and has contacted Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child program to buy.


Tgdaily wrote:

Now, the OLPC is upgrading its machines, dropping the AMD Geode chip in favour of the VIA C7-M, bringing RAM up to 1GB and increasing storage to 4GB. It's not known, though, whether the Indian government is getting the new version or the old.


Some of African countries Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria and Ghana already have received OLPC laptops. India is the first county of South Asian Regions that is going to receive OPLC Laptops. But I did not get any information how much price will be in Indian markets. Will it be sold in Indian market or just for government institute?