April 15, 2009

Who will be qualified for semi final Villarreal-Arsenal or Man. United-Porto?

The two football club already has been confirmed their position to play in the semi-final of the Uefa Champions League. Rest of the four teams is fighting to be qualified for the semi final of the UCL 2008-09. The second leg match between Villarreal-Arsenal and Man. United-Porto will be held on 20:45 GMT.


In the previous first leg matches they all have to satisfy with draw. So the result is depending on today’s match. Among the four the winner will be taken part in the semi final. Others two teams Chelsea and Barcelona have already qualified for this semi final stage.


All the teams are remember their previous matches and techniques and will implement this match. Man Utd is recalled their squad who played in 1999 with Juventus. Is it mean that he visitors have less confidence over the current men?