April 29, 2009

Nissan low-cost car to launch in South America soon!

To boost the car market share in South American countries, the third largest car company of Japan, Nissan is going to launch low-cost cars. It has about 8 percent overall cart share in car markets in South America. In press conference Nissan Americas chairman Carlos Tavares explains. It has 20% share in Mexico and just one percent in Brazil.


Quote from Autonews

Nissan will use its low-cost A platform as the basis of what Tavares called a full line of new vehicles for markets such as Brazil and Argentina. The company initially will rely on a Renault assembly plant in Curitiba, Brazil, to build the vehicles. As sales grow, Tavares said, Nissan may have to expand manufacturing capacity.


Low- cost cars, may be going to get big popularity. After launch TATA Nano and Hyundai i10, makes a big revolution in car market. South American countries are not the richest area so low-cost a family of small car could be most expected to them.