April 29, 2009

Nissan Electric Car is on test and environment issue

I am from a South Asian country. The temperature of this area is very high at this moment. I did not feel ever in my 30 years old. The records are telling that it is passing very bad time even the temperature too much than last 100 year. The main cause is huge CO2 emission and the head it earth surface is increasing day by day and the water level is rising higher. The Ice over Himalaya is melting more during the host season. In near future, in this area, it will be that shortage of sweet water.


I was interested to write about it after reading news about ‘Why Germany Lags in Electric Cars’. In this article the writer mention about US President’s statement about investment on electric vehicle instead on fuels vehicles.


Recent Geneva Auto Show totally focused on Electric-Car. More cars more pollution slogan will be drove away. Japanese carmaker Nissan has announced that they will bring out electric car on 2010 and will add to US roads. Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen test-drove a Nissan Motor Co. electric vehicle at the company's North American headquarters Wednesday.