April 26, 2009

IPL 2 edition,: Kamran Khan, A bright future for Indian bowling

Kamran Khan, they 18 years old young boy impressed all the cricket fans of the IPL 2 edition. The inexperienced boy attracted all the cricket lovers after bowled last over during the match against Kolkata Knight Riders. He was get responsibility to bowl the last over of the match when the oppositions needed only 6 runs to win. But, the new comer’s tight bowling stopped the Kolkata Knight Riders to take the match victory. He spelled economically and did not afford any prospects to get more that five runs. As a result the match came to result drawn. And, the result reciprocated with Super Over.



"We are a champion team and we need to perform like a champion team. That has been the message everyone has been talking about," Kamran told Cricinfo from Cape Town after his evening prayers on Saturday. Of course, the fact that his captain has enough faith in him is not lost on Kamran. "Warne always keeps encouraging and motivating me. That, obviously, gives confidence. I felt very good that there is someone who has belief in me."


It seems that Kamran Khan very intelligent about his bowling. Especially, he was praised for his smiley face during the big pressure and which is very positive for bowlers. A bright future is blinking for him; I think no doubt about it. If he would more times to take coaching then he would get more confidence in this season. Pray for him so that he can be a big star in future.