April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday (36th) to Sachin Tendulkar and IPL 2

Sachin Tendulkar has celebrated his 36th birthday during the Indian Premier League season 2 in Durban, South Africa on 24 April 2009. Most of the time, Sachin Tendulkar uses to celebrate this kinds of special moment with extra ordinary works. The Little Master always gets help from his family members especially wife Anjali, mother and his only daughter Sara. Really great, I respect him most. His classical and outstanding performances are impressed me all times.  




In fact Sachin reveals that he doesn't have just one, but three women to whom he attributes his success. Surprised? Even we were initially. However, Sachin put all our doubts to rest. "Anjali is the pillar of strength in my life. She's always been there when my chips were down. Then, there is my mother. These two women have played a huge role in my life. And now, there is a new addition to this group - my daughter Sara."


Sachin Tendulkar debuted with international cricket in 1989-90. In his 20 years career he always present his best. The smile faced man represents India in a different way. Although there are many cricket like Sunil Gavaskar who was familiar over the world but not as Sachin. Sachin is leading the Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2 season. His team will have a match against Deccan Chargers at Durban on April 25, 2009 at 12:30 local, 10:30 GMT) and this is the 12th match of IPL 2 season and 3rd match for Mumbai Indians.