April 14, 2009

Chelsea vs Liverpool CL 2008-09 2nd leg match preview

Liverpool FC is in pressure and they must have to win the next match to qualify them in the Champion League UEFA Champions League semi-final. None but win because they lost in the second leg math to Chelsea last week. Although Chelsea has not good record in the CL, they seem to be very fruitful this year. Chelsea just reached in the final onetime ever but Liverpool in six times Champions League winner.


The CL Quarter-finals, second leg match will be held no 14 April 2009 at 20:45 (CET), at Stamford Bridge, London in England. You all know that Chelsea is leading by winning the first-leg match. Important information is that Chelsea is very positive in this ground and never lost a tie match.


In the 2005 UEFA Champions League Liverpool took on AC Milan in final and scored 3-0 in the second half. As a result they able to level the match by scoring three goals in six minutes in second-half. At last penalty brought the 2005 Champions League title by 3–2.


Source: UEFA