April 20, 2009

Bangalore Royal Challengers v Chennai Super Kings Preview

Bangalore Royal Challengers got win in it first match against Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings has beat to Mumbai Indians. The second match of them shall be taken place on April 20, 2009 at Port Elizabeth. A single match will be kicked off at that day and the match will be according to local time 15:30 and IST 14:30. Port Elizabeth is going to celebrate the first match of the IPL 2009.


Bangalore Royal Challengers’ first match preview:

In the first match along with the champions Rajasthan Royals, Bangalore Royal Challengers won by 75 runs. Winning toss Bangalore Royal Challengers who chose bat first and score 133. It was not a fighting score to take challenge but the simple challenge was very difficult for the opposition to over come.


Losing two wickets earlier in the first over BRC felt in a big pressure the recent captain KP Pietersen and the former captain Rahul Dravid draw the match to away. KP Pietersen scored 32 runs from 30 balls and Rahul Dravid 66 from 48 balls. The outstanding performance brought him the Player of the Match awards. Rest of the batsmen could not reach into the double figures.


Despite batting low performances, bowlers dominated the oppositions with iron hands. JD Ryder was the highest run paid bowlers but picket two important wickets. Similarly Praveen Kumar pulled out 2 wickets just for 7 runs and is the second highest econ bowlers. Anil Kumble was the most successful bowers on side of Bangalore Royal Challengers and pulled out 5 wickets for 5 runs.


Chennai Super Kings first match preview:

By breaking MS Dhoni’s fans heart Chennai Super Kings has bow down their head to release Sahcin Tendulkar’s fans. Really it was incredible Mumbai Indian has really improved them. Sachin Tendulkar, who was not considered as a well fitted batsman for twenty20 tournaments but proved it false.


MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings’ men felt huge pressure losing early wickets. It had to misplaced Patel and Raina’s wicket just after 18 runs when oppositions 165 objective was so far to touch. Diminishing wicket in sequel make difficult to touch the landmark. MS Dhoni’s strong batting could not hold the wicket down fall and he also surrendered to L Malinga just adding 36 runs. My comment is that he has done his duty but others fail.


I can not praise Chennai Super Kings’ bowlers except MS Gony. A Flintoff could not response at the same voice of the CSK’s fans. Anyway, this is big warning for the runner-up.


Point Tables:

This is not appropriate time to discuss about the point table because every team just played single match only. Well, but, among the four teams who secured victories, Bangalore Royal Challengers is leading the top position and Chennai Super Kings is leading the top of the losing four teams.


IPL 2008 analysis:

At end of the double Robin Round League division matches Royal Challengers Bangalore was in the last position and just get wins in four matches but Chennai Super Kings got 16 points by wining in 8 matches. It also beat 5 matches in a row too. Last year RCB started its way to IPL as a looser and in the first match along with CSK it beat for 13 runs but got wins in the second match.


In the first match of IPL 2008, Royal Challengers Bangalore beat to CSK for 13 runs. Wining toss Chennai Super Kings, who chose to bat first and scored 178 runs. To achieve the target RCB had to close the inning in 165 runs. This is a big similarity that in IPL 2009 Royal Challengers Bangalore scored 165 runs that was same to last year. But dissimilar is that this year they got victory and lost in last year.



Sources: Wikipedia and Cricinfo