April 21, 2009

Arsenal v Liverpool: Arsene Wenger’s eyes to rise on top

Arsene Wenger’s team Arsenal is on the 4th position of the English Premier League standing board. It has ten points gap from the leaders Manchester United. Even, two stronger teams are ahead of them to overcome. So, if they eager to lead the season they have to win rest of the mach.

Today, they have to take on another strong team Liverpool which is leading the second position. It is nine points ahead of them. To close the gap they must have to win the match. If they come to draw then it will be difficult to touch them or fulfill his dream. "We have a good opportunity to come back to within six points of Liverpool and we want to take that possibility."

Arsenal has achieved the qualification to play in the UEFA Champions League semi finals. In this match they have to face in an encounter the season leader Manchester United. This will be real filed to prove and what they could do in the season.