December 8, 2008

Manchester United Pondering a New Five-Year Contract with Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United might offer Cristiano Ronaldo a new contract by which his current scale of salary, £120,000 a week, might increase up to £150,000 a week. Winner of this year’s European Footballer of the Year, Ronaldo still has three years left in his current contract. However, Manchester United wants to secure his future at the club by increasing his salary. The Portuguese winger was instrumental behind Manchester United’s ‘double’ last season. During Summer transfer window, Ronaldo was on the brink of joining Real Madrid who were overly interested to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, having seen his excellent form of last season. Even, Ronaldo himself was reportedly interested to join Real Madrid who were ready to make a record breaking deal to sing Cristiano Ronaldo.

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo met manager Sir Alex Ferguson and club chief executive David Gill to discuss about a new five-year contract. If the new contract comes into existence, Ronaldo will be paid £8 million a year by Manchester United.

Telegraph reported:

Ronaldo is currently paid £120,000 a week but should a new deal be struck an extra £30,000 could be added to that, putting him on £8 million a year.

Despite pledging his future to United when Real talks subsided, it seems Ferguson is not happy to take any chances on Ronaldo's current contract which still has three years to run. The Scot is all too aware that Madrid are prepared to spend as much as £50 million on the winger and so ensuring another five years would end all chances of any similar speculation in the near future.

Cristiano Ronaldo started the season with injury and returned to action a bit late. However, the Portuguese star has not yet been as impressive as he was last season. Ronaldo recently said that he was very close to join Arsenal before Manchester United signed him for a £12.24 million transfer deal with Sporting Lisbon. Now, let us see if Manchester United really hands Cristiano Ronaldo a new contract with higher salary.