December 11, 2008

Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard Full of Praise about Manager Rafael Benitez

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard recently praised manager Rafael Benitez, who has been at the helm of Liverpool since 2004. Despite Liverpool won Champions league and FA Cup under Benitez, Liverpool fans are not quite happy with Benitez for not being able to guide Liverpool to win a premier league title, which has become a mass-demand among Liverpool fans. Many fans also criticized Benitez for that. However, captain Gerrard has recently been full of praise about the Spanish coach.

Indicating Benitez’s obsession in football, Steven Gerrard termed Rafael Benitez one of the best coaches currently available. He also hats off to Rafael Benitez for his dedication to the game. reported:

"Rafa is obsessed with football 24 hours a day, seven days a week," he said in the latest edition of the official UEFA Champions League magazine.

"You have to take your hat off to him. He’s one of the best managers there is."

"Rafa is the type that when you finish a game as man of the match having scored three goals, he won’t even mention it," Gerrard said. "Instead, he’ll mention that you never used your left foot at a certain point!

"But Rafa does it right. When I need a pat on the back I get it. I have had lots of ‘well dones’ from him, but when I need a kick up the backside I get it too.

Steven Gerrard was once very frustrated at Liverpool and his relationship with Benitez was reportedly not as strong as it is now. In fact, Gerrard attempted to join Chelsea twice after not being given a perfect role in the field by the coach. However, Gerrard recently said he was selfish at that time and was only thinking about himself. Liverpool has been in excellent form so far this season as they are leading the point table in premier league with 37 points from 16 matches. Now, let us see if Rafael Benitez and Steven Gerrard can win a much-awaited premier league title for Liverpool.