November 22, 2008

India vs England 4th ODI: Kevin Pietersen Hoping for a Turnaround

You already know that England has lost all of the three one day matches they have played in the current Indian tour until now. They had nothing to be happy about as their batsmen are repeating the same mistakes and of failing to perform in the last three matches. This poor performance has surely disappointed the fans and British media is carrying out a lot of criticism against the current English cricket team. A lot of criticism is naturally coming at the captain Kevin Pietersen. Now, he is hoping for a turnaround in the fourth one day international match.

He wants that the batsmen of these people concentrate hard and can get some decent amount of runs. He is looking for some centuries in the fourth ODI and the remainder of the matches.

Well, the problem is that you England batsmen are yet to find any kind of become against Indian bowlers in the current series. I don’t see anything coming from them in the next one day intention match and I feel that England will suffer a white was because they are not playing well at all until now.


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