November 30, 2008

English Premier League 2008-09: Manchester United will take on Manchester City today and live score

Manchester United will take on Manchester City today in Manchester of the season in their important match. Both teams will face each other with the target of must win as they finished their last two matches goalless. To keep themselves in the competition and get boost, they have no more option except win. As it the home ground of Manchester City so, they will try their best to continue their impressive form over Manchester United. On the other hand, Manchester United will be looking to get back their prime form with the match. This exciting and nail biting will kick off at 13: 30 BST (British Standard Time).

Their recent impressive performance will boost Manchester City to take on Manchester United on their home ground. They defeated Arsenal 3-0 in the same ground. Let us see if they can continue their performance in the same basis or failed to defend ManU attack.

If you are die hard fan of football game and any of them is your favorite team then you should not want to miss the chance to enjoy the match. If you are unable to enjoy the match live on TV channels then you can search some websites where you can get updates ball by ball. To get a list of live football score and updates you can visit the link in below-

Manchester United vs Manchester City Preview and Live Score: Nov 30 2008