November 18, 2008

Bollywood acress going south for better future

Bollywood is the main cinema industry of India and actors and actress from all the corners of the country come here in search of becoming a big superstar. So, it is very surprising that many Bollywood actresses are doing the other way round. I saw a report that some Bollywood actress are going to the south part of India for having better future. It is happening because the South India has a flourishing film industry and they are in search of new faces who will be inexpensive.

Bollywood actress get could amount of money when they are successful. If they are not successful or if their film don’t get big hit then they don’t get a lot of money. So, in stead of struggling in Bollywood, some actress are now going to South India.

South India has a big film industry. It is not as rich as Bollywood but many movies are made there and there is a lot of scope to work. So, I think that it will benefit south India cinema. However, the local actress might get worried that their demand will decrease. Of course cinema is always highly competitive industry and it is a rack tress .Especially, India is famous for beautiful actress and there is no shortage of beautiful girls. So they have to fight and survive.