October 4, 2008

Manchester City vs Liverpool EPL 08-09: Preview, Live Score

I think that the match of Manchester City and Liverpool will be an exciting one as there is a lot to play for both of the clubs. It is not only playing for three points or improving league tables. It is more than that. It is mainly playing for honor and prestige. So, I am expecting a tough competition in this match. At this moment, Liverpool is at the second position of league table. One important thing to note about Liverpool is that the club has suffered the least amount of goals. So, Liverpool has got a very strong defense. Liverpool has at this moment 14 points from six matches and is in the second position behind Chelsea only on goal different. Chelsea has the same 14 points but has better goal difference.

Match: Manchester City vs Liverpool, English Premier League 2008-2009

Date: 5 October 2008, Sunday

Venue: City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester

Kick off: 15:00 BST (British Standard Time)

On the other hand, Manchester City has an impressive record too. They have scored the highest number of goals from six matches so far. So, it is clear that Manchester City has a very good attacking side. So, the match of Liverpool vs Manchester City will be of the best attacking force vs the best defense. Let us see who wins in this test. For Manchester City, the main concern is the form of their defense. They have some great players at the front. He is from Brazil and he is in splendid form for Manchester City in this season. Of course, you know that many people think that Manchester City is tomorrow’s Chelsea. It was purchased by some wealthy people in the Middle East and they are pouring a lot of money to make this club as one of the top clubs in England and in Europe. So, they have to try a lot and win matches. One of the problems that Manchester City is facing these days is that they are losing too many points. They do not have the killer instincts like big clubs. This is really a big problem for the City. If they want to win the premier league title then they have to do much batter than that. Rather, I think that they should try for a place in Europe next season. For this, they must be in the top four in premier league table by the end of this season.

For Liverpool, it is a good season so far. Their coach has suffered a lot of criticism until a month or two ago. Many fans were very unhappy that Liverpool was not performing in the premier league expectedly and this was something disappointing for the fans. So, they are happy that this season Liverpool is doing very well in England. Liverpool has also been in great form in Europe. So, many fans are dreaming for a double trophy this season.

One interesting thing to me is that Liverpool and Manchester City have started some debate about each other. For example, Liverpool player Dirk Kyut has said that Manchester City might have the cash, but they do not have class. He thinks that Manchester City is not a good team and they are only just wasting money. This kind of psychological warfare is very interesting. It normally happens before the world cup matches. I am excited to see that this kind of psychological exchanges is happening before such a league match in the early stage of the tournament.

You can find live score from some websites and I am giving some names of websites that will cover the match:

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I think that a lot will depend on the performance of Robinho in this match. If Robinho can shine then Liverpool will have a very difficult time to adjust with him. So, let us see what happens in this match.

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