October 9, 2008

England vs Kazakhstan World Cup 2010 Qualifier: Gerrard and Lampard Together?

England manager Fabio Capello will definitely face the dilemma when he has to settle England’s midfield line up for the upcoming world cup 2010 qualifier against Kazakhstan. Most importantly he has to decide if he wants to play both Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard together or pick up any one of them in the opening line up. Capello is not the first person who is facing this dilemma. In fact, since the reign of Sven Goran-Eriksson as England manager, this has been a constant debate in the English media.

Both Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are star midfielders and have been in excellent form. Steven Gerrard is the captain of Liverpool, while Frank Lampard plays for Chelsea in premier league. So, you might be thinking that what is the problem with playing both of them together?

Well, the thing is that whenever they play together they can not show their best. No, do not think that they have personal ego or any kind of personal problem, but the fact is that they do not fit together in the English midfield. Even statistics also prove it. That is why, the issue of playing both of them together becomes headline. Yes, I also admit that their performance together was not impressive for England, but I think, Capello should play both of them in the starting line up for the home match against Kazakhstan.

To be honest, Kazakhstan is definitely underdog against England. So, England manager can hand both Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard another chance together in the match because Fabio Capello may not get an easier match than this one in the near future at home. In fact, the match against Kazakhstan will be England’s last home match this year. Moreover, both Gerrard and Lampard have been matured as a footballer and perhaps they are at the peak of their career. So, this is high time to hand them another match together so that Gerrard and Lamprad can prove the potential of their tie up for England.

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