September 8, 2008

World Cup Football Qualifying round: Fabio Capello and his team will face bigger obstacle this Wednesday

England may have crossed its first obstacle with success but fans are not happy because the team did not show its full potential. Still, England won the game scoring two goals. Now, Fabio Capello’s team has a bigger challenge and that is Croatia.

On Wednesday, England team is going to face Croatia in their capital city Zagreb. Croatia crushed England’s dream in the last Euro Cup. It defeated England by 3 goals to 2. Croatian Football team is almost equal to England in terms of tactics and skill. In order to prove his capabilities, Fabio Capello should give extra efforts to prepare English football team to beat Croatia.

Personally, Capello was not very happy with England’s performance with Andorra but Croatia is going to be tougher because the English football team is going to face Croatia in their hometown. Large number of Croatian football fans will be there so it is going to be a huge mental pressure for English football team. Still, excitement, tension is part of any game and this is what makes them more enjoyable.

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