September 11, 2008

World Cup 2010 Qualifying: Australia Won against Uzbekistan

The final score was Australia 1- Uzbekistan 0. Australia defeated Uzbekistan last night in Tashkent in a world cup Asian group A qualifying match. It was a very hard-fought match, but good win for Australia. Uzbekistan played very good too and it was not a one-sided match. I was impressed with the performance of Australia in Uzbekistan. The match as played at night, but the stadium was almost full with 35,000 spectators coming to support the home team. They were shouting all the time whenever Uzbekistan was in attack. Such environment is very difficult place to play and Australian players could handle the pressure very well.

It took Australia 26 minutes in the match to get a goal. Scot Cheperfield scored the goal from a cross. In the second half, Uzbekistan played very well and attacked a lot, but could not get any goal. In fact, Uzbekistan tried to score a goal 12 times, but they could not get one. On the other hand, Australia got a easy chance just after the second half started, but could not capitalize it. This win will surely help Australia a lot. It is still very early days in group A of Asian region. However, Australia now has won both of the matches and Australia will play against Qatar at home next month. On the other hand, Uzbekistan has lost both of their matches and thus are in pressure.