September 10, 2008

Which TV Channel will Broadcast Uzbekistan vs Australia Match?

Uzbekistan vs Australia is not an important match for most people in the world. In fact, neither Uzbekistan nor Australia is top name in world’s football. Australia is a strong team, but football is not a very popular game in this country. On the other hand, football is the most popular sports in Uzbekistan, but they are not a strong team. Anyway, my point is that out of these two countries they are not popular. Think of Brazil and Argentina. They are popular in all over Asia and Africa. If you are looking for information for TV channel regarding Uzbekistan vs Australia match, I would like to say that if you are living in Australia then you can watch the match in Fox Sports 3. The kick off time is 8:30 PM local time and 1:30 am AEFT. On the other hand, if you are living in Asia then Star Sports is the channel that you should log into. So, if you have any of these two channels then you can watch the match live.