September 11, 2008

Sprint Nextel reveals LG LX 600 /LG Lotus

On September 10, 2008, Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) revealed its fall season product line up in the ongoing CTIA Fall show. The line up includes LG Lotus or LG LX 600, a messaging phone. The most interesting feature of this cell-phone set is its design. The pictures will give you a feel that it is a square chubby phone but it is the opposite in reality. For this unique design, LG Lotus even received Red Dot design award. Other major Sprint Nextel products are: HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, Samsung Highnote, Samsung Rant, and

Motorola i576. LG Lotus, Samsung Highnote and Samsung Rant are the three products to sport Sprint Nextel’s “One Click” user interface.


Length: 3.3 inch

Breadth: 2.4 inches

Width: 0.7 inches

Weight: 3.7 ounces.

Color: LG Lotus LX600 comes in satin black and textured purple.

The purple colored version also comes with embossed design on the surface which makes it ideal for the ladies.


  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus comes with a fold out QWERTY key board. The bubble-like keys with raised surface make the LG LX 600 an ideal messaging machine.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus comes with ‘One Click.’ It is a customizable user interface that allows the user to organize eight shortcut tiles on the internal screen.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus comes with EV-DO support which allows the user to access SPRINT’s broadband and entertainment services such as SPRINT TV, SPRINT Radio, SPRINT Music Store and so on.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus has a 2-megapixel camera and camcorder.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus comes with a music player with external controls.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus has a microSD card slot that enables user to expand the phone memory up to 12GB.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus comes with SPRINT Navigation.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus supports stereo Bluetooth.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus supports SMS voice and text messaging.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus has a back ground music mode. The user can listen to music while writing message or surfing web.
  • The LG LX 600 /LG Lotus comes with two displays.
  • The external display of LG LX 600 /LG Lotus measures 2.1 inches diagonally and supports 65,000 colors.
  • The internal display of LG LX 600 /LG Lotus measures about 2.4 inches diagonally and supports up to 262,000 colors.


LG LX 600 Lotus will be released in October and it will cost $149 with a two year service agreement.

Partnership with ‘Project Runway’ winner Christian Siriano:

On the same day, LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A, Inc. also revealed its partnership with the winner of Bravo Network’s award winning fashion reality show, Project Runway, Christian Siriano. Christian Siriano is the winner of Project Runway 4th season and he has designed exclusive scurf for LG LX 600/LG Lotus. The scurf has been unveiled today at the New York City Fashion Week. Ehtisham Rabbani, Vice President, Product Strategy and Marketing for LG Mobile Phones, said:

"Similarly, we believe mobile phones have the same ability and have become a fashion accessory within their own right. We are very excited to partner with Christian Siriano and look forward to seeing his unique accessory inspired by the LG Lotus on the runway at Fashion Week."

After winning Project Runway, this is the first fashion show of Christian Siriano. The attendees of the show will use the LG LX 600 /LG Lotus to take photos of the collection. They will be able to send the photos via message which will appear on large LG screens above the runway.

About the scurf, Siriano said that it is a fabulous scurf with a little pocket to carry a phone. The pocket is designed according to the square of shape of LG LX 600 / LG Lotus. Following the show, the scurf will be displayed along with Siriano’s fall 2008 collection in various events.

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