September 11, 2008

Ru Ba Ru: Randeep Hooda Got Injured while Saving Sahana Goswami

After action thrillers ‘D’ and ‘Risk’, Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda is set to give a shot at romantic flick, Ru Ba Ru, where he is seen playing an advertising executive. The interesting thing is that he got never injured for doing action stunts in his previous action films, but he needed 15 stitches on his palm after being injured while filming an action stunt in which he had to save his on-screen love bird Sahana Goswami.

Regarding the incident, Dale Bhagwagar, publicist of Randeep Hooda, said that Randeep’s brand new Hugo Boss shoe slipped while doing the stunt and eventually he got injured.

Real Bollywood reported:

“Randeep had specially bought an attractive pair of Hugo Boss shoes for the shooting of ‘Ru-Ba-Ru’. But since they were brand new, he slipped,” reasoned his publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

Ru Ba Ru is the directorial debut of director Arjun Baali. The movie is slated for release on 12 September. The story revolves around the love relationship between a theater actress and an owner of an advertising agency.