September 9, 2008

Pim Verbeek about Uzbekistan vs Australia World Cup 2010 Qualifying Match

Australian football team started with a serious upset in the qualifying round of Fifa World Cup 2010. On Saturday, in their first match, Australian Football team beat the Netherlands by 2 goals to 1. The winning goals came from English footballer, Harry Kewell and Josh Kennedy. Australia’s Dutch coach, Pim Verbeek, was very happy with the team’s performance in the game. He said:

"We're very pleased with the result, but I'm more pleased with the organisation, the way they played, especially in the first half,"

The two goals came at a very critical moment when the match was moving towards tiebreaker. However, Verbeek said that the result of the Netherlands match did not matter. What matters is the result on Wednesday.

From the time of the Soviet Republic, Uzbekistan has remained the strongest team in central Asia. After experiencing a shocking 3-0 defeat against Qatar on Saturday, the team has become desperate. Rauf Inliev, coach of Uzbekistan and Asian coach of 2007, admitted that the upcoming Uzbekistan-Australia match is going to be a tough one. However, he is very much determined to win the match and gain a pass at the world Cup. Ignaty Nesterov, captain, Uzbekistan football team, also voiced the same determination.

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