September 10, 2008

Croatia vs England World Cup 2010 Qualifying Match: Who will win?

It is a very important match for both England and Croatia. The match will be played in Croatia and many English fans are expected to travel to the country. The bad news is that Croatia vs. England match will not be available in any terrestrial TV channel. That is why it will be a very eagerly waited match for the English fans. On the other hand, the Croatian fans will want nothing but winning. I think that you have not forgotten that only a few months ago, Croatia defeated England and denied England to come to Euro 2008. This is a very painful memory for most English fans and after that a lot of criticism took place in England about the condition of English premier league in which mostly foreign players play for big clubs. Now, it is a different matter. Only three days ago, England defeated Andorra in an ‘away match’ by 2-0. While England dominated for most of the time but they could not win convincingly. In fact, the strikers missed a number of chances and that is not good. English players will have to remember that it is not Andorra that they are facing that they are facing Croatia which is a very big team in Europe. So, I think that Croatia is a strong team and they may win the match tomorrow or it may be a draw. I do not see a lot of chance for England to win the match tomorrow.