September 16, 2008

Apple will rule Americas consumer electronics for the next three months

High oil price and economic slow down has tightened consumer spending but American software and consumer electronics company, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has good news. In a survey conducted over 4400 consumers by ChangeWave, a reputed research company, it was found out that those who were planning to buy either desktop or laptop in next three months, would buy Apple brand.

Out of the 4400 consumers, 8% said that they were planning to buy laptops in next three months and 5% were going to buy desktops. Now, the respondents who were planning to buy laptops, 34% of them wanted to buy Apple brand. Those who wanted to buy desktops, 17% said that they wanted to buy Apple brand. The major reason behind this popularity was Apple’s popular cell-phone, iPhone 3G.

The survey was conducted in mid-August. ChangeWave is best known as the supplier “e-mail get-rich-quick investment tips.” The company has a subscriber base of 15,000.

For Apple, it may be good news but for the rest of the consumer electronics industry, it is not good news at all. Only 15% of the total respondents said that they will spend more on electronics and 34% said that they would spend less. The net difference between these two numbers is 13% lower compared to the same period in 2007.

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