August 22, 2008

United States vs Argentina Basketball Semi-Final

There is two Basketball giant United States and Argentina is going to play semifinal in Olympics Semi-Final. The two teams are dreaming to win the Gold Medal. It is a simply because US is one of the best teams in Basketball. May be most of the Basketball intelligent thought that Australia would play in the final but they got defeat Argentina 85-65 and lost all hope on Basketball.

US is one of the teat that did not face any defeat in the Olympic Basketball in the 2008 season. Before semi-final US played 5 matches with some favorite team including Australia and was unbeaten. There is no question against it that US is the best team in Basketball in the world in every steps, Olympic, World Cup and Pan American Championships. In the Olympic Games they always take possession. I have a statistics where is showing that after 1936 United State is in the top of the in Olympics Games. Now it is easy to say that the Gold Medal is fixed for US. The opposition Argentina just lost one match alongside the other semi-final team Lithuania and the other victories is not satisfactory.

Anything can happen anytime in the games that is why is called that Games are totally uncertain. So enjoy the match live or video streaming form the venue Olympic Basketball Gymnasium, Beijing, China.