August 23, 2008

Nigeria vs Argentina football live score and analysis Olympics 2008

On 23 August, the final of Olympics football will be held between Nigeria vs Argentina. In the semifinal both the teams has beaten some football giant Belgium and Brazil. Nigeria beat Belgium, whenever it beat the world champion Italy on the other had Argentina defeated Ronaldinho and his associates. Most positive thing is that Argentina is always ahead that Brazil.
Everyone is thinking that Argentina, Messi and Batista’s eyes are fixed to the Gold Medal in the football. Yes, I also think so. Their appearances in all the matches in the Beijing Olympics were mind-blowing.
The opposition Nigeria is thinking to hold their performances and speed of pervious matches and also thinking to secured the gold medal in football too.
The final is a repeat of the 1996 gold medal match that Nigeria won 3-2. Argentina go in as favourites after their 3-0 mastery of Brazil in the semi-finals. But Nigeria's "Dream Team" also put in an impressive performance in their semi-final as they easily beat Belgium 4-1.
Not only players of the teams are waiting for the match but also the supporters are finding the trimming, venue and the live telecast media and streaming. Form National Stadium in Beijing, China, during the local 12:00 time the match will be aired.
Aim is to achieve Gold medal form the football/soccer Olympics 2008, the two teams will show their charisma in the field. All the football intelligent is explain about them analyzing the previous tournament. Even, the football king Diago Maradona believes that his team will hold the crown of Gold medal.
On the other hand others are explaining positively on behalf of Nigeria. They are reminding about the defeat in 12 years ago. The readers who like to read the analyzed topics they are giving opinion that Nigeria is not less strong than Argentina