August 23, 2008

Nigeria vs Argentina Final Match Timing

In the Olympics 2008 Games that has been organize by Beijing. It is the eastern country in the Globe? So timing will be different with the distance of Latitude and Longitude. The counties that are situated in the West side of China, for those countries the time be decrees comparing with the CST. The Olympics Football match between Argentina vs Nigeria will be grounded at 12:00 CST in the National Stadium, Beijing, China.

There are many fans of Argentina in India, Pakistan, middle-east. According to the Indian time IST the match will be started 2:30 hours less than CST. If you want to compare with GMT it will be 8 hours less that CST.

As the match between Argentina vs Nigeria will be held on 12:00 so according to Indian time (IST), it will be 9:30AM and the fans who are in the European countries please adjust your time with GMT. I am giving the timetable with comparing GMT. At 4:00 GMT the final match will be held. The people of American continent will have to enjoy the match at midnight. So enjoy the match by comparing with you your local time.