August 29, 2008

Chamku the new released bollywood film

Chamku is an ongoing Bollywood movie that is directed by Kabeer Kaushik and group of top class actors. I am inspiring to see the name of most favorite comedy actor Rajpal Yadav and also Pryanka Chopra who are my most expected personalities in Bollywood. is the recent inaugurated site that has been published a detailed review. Chamku tells the story of Chandrama Singh aka Chamku (played by Bobby Deol). His family was brutally murdered and he was brought up by a Naxal leader, Baba (Danny Denzongpa) in Bihar. He later served as an special agent working as an assassin for secret government organization. He then falls in love with a kindergarten teacher, Shubhi (Priyanka Chopra) and wants to have a normal life but by an accident he again finds himself in the world of crime.

The new released movie is getting huge box office hit.